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Why We Do What We Do

Catnips Marketplace came about because of our desire to open a cat cafe.  We learned that there are MANY hurdles to getting that done where we live.  For example, the health department here is really strict.  Additionally, the way the construction market is here, you can’t get a builder to call you back, and when they do, they’re VERY proud of their work!  So, long story short, we’ve not been able to get the cafe open.

But because we want to help cat lovers, and subsequently cats, we decided to open this site to provide the highest quality, and cutest cat related products.

We’re proud to introduce our “Crazy Cat Lady” and “My Cat, My Heart Beat” product lines.

We’ve built relationships with high quality suppliers of shirts, mugs, tote bags and various other products that will allow you to get your Crazy Cat Lady on!

The holidays are right around the corner, so go ahead and get your favorite CCL a shirt and/or mug to help them show off their feline love!

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